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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gillie Da Kid - The Best Of G.D.K Mixtape - 2007


1. Holla Back
2. Paper's Line feat. Spade
3. Friend Of Mine feat. Dutch
4. Say Dat Den
5. Hustla's Anthem feat. Bump, Ab Liva
6. Figga What, Figga Who feat. Bump, Ditch
7. Believe Dat
8. Ghetto That I Live In feat. Dutch, Spade
9. Figga Click feat. Dutch, Bump
10. Sucka Free feat. Dutch, Bump
11. Criminal feat. Dutch
12. I Leave Being A Gangsta Pt. 2
13. Murder Murder Kill Kill Homicide feat. Dutch
14. How We Ride feat. Bump, Ab Liva



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